Commissioned artworks, pin-ups and more by Aero Zero (SFW and NSFW!)


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  • Explicit or Non-explicit

  • Humans, monsters, furries, robots, and feral are OK!

  • Pin-ups, illustrations and comics are OK!

  • All kinds of body types are OK!

  • Landscape, Portrait or Digital Wallpaper proportioned pictures are OK!

  • I can also print your commission and have it sent to you! Scroll all the way down for details.

  • I have a LOYALTY PROGRAM and REFERRAL BENEFITS! See the end of the page for details.




simple background

Up to 2 character busts



price includes up to 2 characters only

no background


(+$30 for soft fur texture / lighting)



price includes 2 characters, lighting, and background

(+$50 per additional character)

(+$50 for complex background)



price includes 2 characters bust and background

(+$60 per additional character)



price includes 2 characters, lighting, shading and background



price includes 2 characters and background

(+$70 per additional character)

(+$70 for complex background)


  • All prices assume a 300 dpi 8.5 x 11" JPG final digital piece unless specified otherwise.

  • Estimated finish time is 1-2 weeks. Holidays and communications may delay delivery of final artworks.

  • Unless otherwise noted, prices include one revision at the sketch stage and very minor revisions at the color stage. Redraws past the sketch stage may increase the price depending on how major the revision requested is.

  • Please provide reference of the characters you’d like me to draw and a description of the situation / background you’d like them to be in :3

  • Complex background definition: Anything that requires extensive research and attention to detail from me for accuracy, i.e. an OC’s personal room filled with clutter, a location from a game, etc.

  • Prints of your commission are available upon request! Matte, glossy and canvas prints are available in a variety of sizes for affordably appropriate prices. Please contact Aero for details.

  • BONUS: if you get an Explicit commission, I will give you a regular, precum, and cum version of the same picture free of charge!*

  • I also throw in a Simple Background version of each {:^>

  • *the main commission picture is the one you pay for, and the remaining ones are the bonus. {:3 Since they are free bonuses, there are no revisions allowed on them. (Altogether for Explicit commissions you will receive 6 JPEGs (unless you specify otherwise)


  • Full payment due up front - payment plans can be discussed if there are financial concerns :)

  • Paypal only - I will send you an invoice :3 (invoice will NOT specify subject, it will say ‘Commissioned Artwork’ for discretion)


I will be contacting you with the e-mail entered in the contact form below, so please use one that you're actively checking {:3c

Please fill out the CONTACT FORM below to get started ❤

Thanks so much!

x Aero

All specific artworks created by Aero Zero are copyright to them, and are agreed to be used only for non-commercial purposes by both Aero Zero and the commissioner. All characters belong to their respective owners. All MEN PLUS MONSTERS characters, comics, illustrations and art are copyright AERO ZERO from 2012 onward.

Refer a friend and you AND the commissioner get 10% off of your next (or current) commission!
*Must give a recognizable name to get the 10% off. Not stackable with multiple 10% off offers at once, but you can have 10% off of multiple commissions for as many referrals as you've had!
Some restrictions may apply such as: The person who referred you cannot be Aero (lol) and they must be real - I will ask for their online handle or e-mail to verify that I can contact them before giving you your discount.


Repeat commissioners get 10% off every commission past their first one!
Some restrictions may apply.

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